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Detachable 2-1 Chromebook with 32 GB and 4GB RAM. Contains microSD slot and has 2 USB-C ports.

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Opening up HP X2

My front facing webcam is not working properly. It appears to have lint or debris inside as the image is fuzzy/out of focus. Some pieces of lint or dust can be seen as well (through the image). So something must be on or around the lens.

I have searched and cannot find a tear down video of how to open the main chasis of the X2 as it's a tablet that houses all of the internals. There are no screws or any visible way to pry it open.

Wondering if anyone has successfully opened up an X2. Really like this Chromebook, but it is definitely handicapped by the loss off video conferencing.

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Hey David, HP actually published a couple of videos on this topic. I’ve been looking for a replacement part but it doesn’t seem to exist. The rear camera part is easy to find but HP doesn’t even produce a spare part or list a number for the front facing camera.

I have the same problem and it seems to be extremely common for the X2 model. Always described as debris or “artifacts” + fuzzy out of focus. So it’s pretty dumb that HP doesn’t seem to have the spare part, but lots of folks said they sent theirs in under warranty.

initial disassembly of tablet panel

removal of camera module

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also comment back and let me know if it cleaning works for you!


I was just about to ask you that! Have you heard of any reports of attempts to clean it? I'm very tempted to try "wiping" it clean or using compressed air to dust it off. I may just give it a go as I finally broke down and ordered a Pixel Slate. Should arrive in a couple of weeks.

Shame because I really like the X2, but no webcam really cripples it with the current climate that we are in.

Also thanks for sharing that video! I have scoured the internet looking for it and only found videos that show replacing various parts but never removing the actual assembly.

Wasn't aware that this was a common problem. Unfortunately I bought it open box from Best Buy. I asked before purchasing if it was still under warranty and they said yes. However I did not ask for proof. When issue came up and I called HP they said my warranty expired several months prior.


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This is obviously a late answer but:

  • The videos on Youtube seem great.
  • This part is held in position by an adhesive and from reports I've read here and there there's a history of the adhesive not being strong enough and the camera comes loose from its position. There's probably nothing wrong with the camera itself.
  • I have this problem and I am planning to at least try to reattach the camera at some point. The trick will be to find a comparable way to glue the camera back down without resorting to something ultrapermanent like superglue. "Just sticky enough"
  • Disappointing to hear there's no obvious replacement part available -- I was considering trying to even upgrade the camera if the connection was something standard. It's a mediocre camera on an otherwise amazingly great device.

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