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A wireless, Bluetooth, gaming controller released by PowerA for Nintendo Licensing in 2018.

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Where can I get some replacement pads for the ABXY buttons?

After a whole year of much love and attention, my A button doesn't click like the other buttons and doesn't stand as tall. I'm worried it'll be non-responsive before long. I tried contacting PowerA but got nowhere. Where can I buy replacement parts without paying for a whole new controller?

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To begin with I would take it apart and clean the buttons and the area around them and see if that makes it better. Don’t use water for cleaning any electronic part, it may ruin it.

This will help you take it apart: PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller Action Buttons Replacement

If that doesn’t help, you probably need to replace them. Didn’t found any replacement from a short search but if you spend some time searching, you usually find some.

Hope this helped and good luck! :D

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my advice is check if you can hear the button when you click it if so you have probably pressed it to hard and the board fell in slightly

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