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Repair and troubleshooting help for the HP Elitebook 840 G2, a 14" laptop computer from HP.

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Trying to change the SSD

I am trying to change SSD due to the original having limits and being blocked. Tried replacing with two separate and neither seem to register or work.

Original works, so I was wondering where I was going wrong

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What capacity and type of SSD were you trying to install?

Were they being detected by the BIOS?

Here's a list of the SSD that should work in your laptop. Scroll down past the RAM module list to find the SSD list


If you connect them to another computer, are they registered as a usable drive? Try formatting the drives, or activating them in Disk Manager.


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A brand new SSD is required to be formatted before use. It is suggested to use an external USB Disk connector to connect the new SSD to your PC and format it before use. You can either create different partitions or choose to keep the SSD as a single disk.

Post format it’s ready to use as an external disk or internal disk to install OS and all.

However, if you find it hard to connect the SSD using external port then it might be some hardware issues and you may need a new replacement.

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