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MY WRENCH LIGHT- CHECK ENGINE LIGHT AND WISHBONE LIKE Light CAME ON. I WENT INTO LIMP HOME MODE. AUTO ZONE READ CODES SAYING THROTTLE BODY. I BEING THE ONE THAT HAS NEVER WORKED ON VEHICLE IN MY LIFE HAVING NO MONEY AND A HUSBAND WHO WENT BLIND 8 YRS AGO I - BRAVELY OR STUPIDLY TOOK THE THROTTLE BODY OFF CLEANED IT AND PUT IT BACK ON MYSELF tried resetting normal way then did the hard reset with the alligator clip TO MY SURPRISE when i cranked …… AWESOME SAUCE !!!!!! IT SOUNDED AWESOME for the first time since i bought it, it purred like a kitten!! i put it in drive and it will not go. i drop my head and go back inside my home, a few hours later my husband comes in saying the explorer wont start. i was devastated at the fact i couldn't go down the road to let it relearn the codes i had erased when draining the capacitors and mad that my husband had messed with it at all when i was the one who was working on it and just in disbelief of all of it. so i ended up leaving it to sit in my yard for the last two years and it has been a hard to see something i love just sit and start looking bad. but i said no matter what i will get it going again myself since i cant afford a shop for one and i just know its an easy fix. with the internet for two and i know i can do this. I forgot to mention my gear shifter 2yrs ago had gotten to where it was not feeling right. im without a way to go again. i need my truck. i need a way to go. the time has come. i had removed the battery for use on an old dependable f150 97 model that has now stranded me because of the front end but thats another question for another day. todays the day for me being a ford explorer lover. i just now after many many days of reading and guessing have run up on the fact that my problem or one of my problems could be the neutral saftey switch. would that cause limp home mode. please help…………………

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