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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Is this a MacBook Air with a dead backlight fuse?

I have a MacBook Air 13” mid 2013 with a working screen but no backlight. This can be simply a dead fuse so I’m trying to avoid paying a hefty motherboard technician bill.

Upon opening the MacBook, I immediately notice 3 motherboard screws that have come loose and were attached around the LVDS area. This might have caused problems.

[See photo]

I go straight to the fuse close to the LVDS, assuming that’s the backlight fuse. I’ve done a diode and resistence test on this component. It seems dead: infinite resistence on both tests.

My questions:

  • Have I measured the right fuse?
  • Would simply replacing this fuse fix my backlight problem?

Block Image

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Yes that is the backlight fuse, if it is showing no continuity it is faulty. Replacing the fuse should bring back your backlight unless it has also damaged the backlight IC but usually only one gets damaged.

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Finding a fuse is driving me insane. I've found one with a P marking on it, but it's green instead of brown. The title says: "SMD 0603 3a". You think it's compatible based on that info?


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