Why is my S7E Randomly Restarting?

So I have searched around on this issue for a while and haven’t found and credible solutions that have worked. My S7 Edge first got stuck in a boot loop and anything I did was interrupted by the thing randomly shutting off. It never got “hot” but it got warm to the touch just being in the boot loop so I put it in the freezer for about 5 minutes and it started without skipping a beat. After it warmed up for a bit it started randomly restarting and now putting it in the freezer no longer helps. I have since connected it to my PC and have installed Odin 4 trying to install a new firmware on to it since i heard it could be the issue but no luck still randomly restarts and interrupts the download every time. Then on the Odin screen on the phone it says Update Failed use Verizon Software Repair Assistant. I used that and it fails at about 89% saying device disconnected and the phone screen shows a “DVIF!!” and “unsupport_dev type” in the top left corner. Is it a hardware or firmware issue because I am at a decision point if I keep trying to reset and install fresh or need to get the motherboard or something replaced. (no longer under warranty btw). To me it sounds like a hardware issue but idk.

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