Plugged MBP suddenly shut downs with 1 % battery after turning back on


I bought my MBP 15" 2019 in 10/2019. Battery cycles 167. It is my work tool so I use him a lot, like 12-14 hours a day. I have to say I am a bit disappointed with this particular buy (I had few MBPs before). I was dealing with freezing Touch bar (already fixed by updates), Bluetooth is kinda weird on this machine. Using Magic keyboard and MX2s Logitech mouse, external monitor via USB-C and connected Air Pods Pro. Sometimes this 6-core, 16 GB RAM, PCIe disk monster just starts freezing so hard it is ugly as PowerPoint presentation.

But these are not my biggest problems. Imagine this situation I am working I have my MBP connected to my 4K display via USB-C which is also providing recharging. The battery is on 100% and then the laptop shuts down and it is not possible to turn him on. After a few tries, MBP turns on and showing the icon of low battery. After another while, it starts the booting system and voila 1 % battery. This had happened like a month ago. Today it happened again I had 16 % of battery so I plugged it in (with original 86W charger) and after few minutes MBP shut down. I wasn't able to turn it on even when it was connected to the charger and then the low battery screen, booting to system and 1 % batter over again.

What to do? Should I contact my Apple Reseller? Can I fix it somehow? I need MBP for work... Thanks, guys!

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