(M401n) How can I reload the impression counts?

When I was troubleshooting the USB issue after I set it aside, I inadvertantly erased the impression count data when I just intended to do a NVRAM reset (DOH!!!). However, seeing it may happen I printed off a copy of the configuration data, so I know how many pages I have to reprogram:

  • Total impressions: 3186
  • Total equivalent impressions: 3174.4
  • Jam events: 23
  • Mispick events: 14
  • Economode impressions: 858

How would I restore this data to my formatter board? I can’t get it to show up in HP Web JetAdmin - even with a old pre 5Ghz router I have laying around over a non internet network. I even tried to use one of my 2 E6220’s and it didn’t register with the driver installer, but not Web JetAdmin because it isn’t installed.

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