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The Canon Vixia HF S10 is a 2009 Camcorder with an 8 Megapixel Full HD Image Sensor and a High Resolution Recording. This camcorder also has a Dual Flash 32GB Internal Memory.

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Focus is not stable

The auto focus isn’t stable. the camera keeps “seeking” to focus. It even happens with manual focus turned on, and instant focus, face detection and image stabilization turned off.

I cant figure out what is causing it. it is happening on both my hf s10 cameras now.

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Stupid question, but have you cleaned the lens lately? And I mean with microfiber chamois, not a shirt.

The only other thought at the moment is, if it’s full manual and still trying to focus, the sensor might be loose inside the camera body.

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I had cleaned it. Soaking the lens with cleaner and then wipe it off again seems to help some. It will hold manual focus now and will do auto focus with iaf and image stabilization off.


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