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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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Not completing the spin cycle

The washer performs fine until the final wash/spin portion of the cycle. It does spin and drain out, however when it gets toward the end of the final rinse cycle, it does not complete a high speed spin cycle, it starts to: the rpm’s pick up but then within 10-20 seconds or so it slows back down, not ever reaching the rpm’s that it did before this issue. (before this issue that extended spin would take several minutes to complete and sounded like a jet). The clothes are left ,after the cycle, wet, not dripping wet but much wetter than they are after a compete and extended spin, when they are nearly dry. I have removed the front cover, checked and cleaned the filter trap and there are no error codes presenting.

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After doing everything as outlined above, I unplugged the washer waited 1 minute or so and then plugged it back in, said a prayer and WALLA ! Works like a charm. Not sure why, don’t care. I Do know that I have had to do this with other electronics such as the TV to reset things, may have a bearing on it .

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I just did the same thing before I saw this post on a Kenmore HE3 (high efficiency). It was draining and spinning but not fast enough so it was leaving the clothes soaking wet for the dryer to deal with. I will have to say it did this after going through a heavy load that threw it out of balance and I had to tighten a screw on the front panel that came loose. It wasn’t throwing out any codes and just didn’t spin fast. My assumption was/ is that it went to a “limp hold mode” and wouldn’t spin fast and got stuck in that protective mode. I un plugged it for about 15 seconds and plugged it back in and it went up to high speed spin just like before. All fixed.

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P.S. - If anyone has a problem with this machine getting out balance bad and still does it when you take the clothes out, there are four shock absorbers inside the bottom access panel. I had 3 of 4 broken previously from my teenage kids overloading it. You can order new ones on line and from memory, I think a quarter turn unlocks them out of their metal keepers like a puzzle piece. Easy fix.


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