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Repair and disassembly guides and support for wall oven appliances.

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What is the right glue for an oven?

I have an eye level oven, and the door contains three panes of glass. The innermost glass sheet can be unclipped for cleaning. There are two metal clips, glued on with a silicone type adhesive. They have come off, and I need to reattach them.

The clips are not in the oven body, which can get to 450 degrees centigrade (Pyrolytic) but glass is conductive, and I’m sure it gets very hot anyway.

I cannot find a glue rated more than 300 degrees.

Another alternative is an automotive “liquid gasket” product, but I don’t know if that acts as a glue?

Model: VOGUE Pyrolytic Wall Oven

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@ladytech found this

 searspartsdirect I found an adhesive used for ranges and high temp.

Part #W10841140

Sears sells it for $9.01

I believe it is just a silicone sealant for high temp

Glass on oven door swinging free

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I’m glad you found it. I’m going to save the # for future reference. Hope you healthy and sheltered at home. Don’t forget to wash your hands.


Need glue as well for oven that seals the inner glass not outside


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