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Repair guides and support for Panasonic's Viera line of televisions.

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Why is my panasonic viera plasma tv have half screen black

how do I repair the tv myself

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I have almost all the screen, except for about 4 inches on the right hand side of the picture from top to bottom. Is it repairable and woth fixing? I got it for free.



I can't say for sure if it is, or it isn't fixable and whether my solution will work for you, so all I can say is give it a try at least! Follow my instructions and clean the cables, if this doesn't fix it, then I think it's probably a screen issue. The ribbon cables that I pointed out in Yellow, control the screen, so the one above your missing screen area could be the problem. Try cleaning that one, I haven't done it so I can't give any info, but it would seem to me that this is where your problem lay, since each cable controls about a 4 to 5" strip of screen.

Good Luck!!


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This can be fixed, I hope…as long as it’s only the connectors.

My Panny Plasma did this after I cleaned it and gave it to my sister when I bought a new TV and a week later it had the split screen with half black. Lots of research later, I found out that the TV has 2 boards that control half the screen each and the connectors between them are no longer working properly, lets fix them shall we?

Place the TV face down on a soft surface. Remove all phillips head screws around the perimeter of the TV. There are also some screws around the edges of the connections panel in the middle of your TV, remove them. The back panel should be able to be lifted off carefully, nothing is connected to it. This is what it should look like (similar, may be slightly different)

Block Image

It’s probably just as filthy too…

Block Image

CLEAN IT, I’ll wait… (Danger, allow 24hrs for capacitors to discharge before working inside TV) (Caution - wear an antistatic wrist strap while working inside TV)

I used a vacuum cleaner with carbon fiber bristle brush but BE CAREFUL, moving air can cause static discharge, do not use a brushing motion with vacuum brush! If you need to loosen some dust spots, use a paint brush and then vacuum.

Don’t forget to remove and clean under the speakers, mine look like this (black boxes both sides of connections panel)

Block Image

Ok, the boards controlling the screen are underneath the connections panel here

Block Image

There are a few wire sets you need to remove to take this panel off (or flip out of way)

Block Image

You may have to open some clips to be able to flip this panel out of the way

Block Image

Unfortunately, this is where I run out of pictures to help you, except for this last one. The connectors you’re looking for are ribbon connectors (probably white) like this one (red arrow) DO NOT meddle with these ones (yellow arrows)

Block Image

There are 3 (I believe) of these ribbon cables to clean, including the one shown by red arrow in the picture above. Once the connections panel is out of the way, locate ALL of these ribbon cables. Remove carefully (one at a time) and clean the connectors on the cable with 90% alcohol, or specific electronics cleaner solution and lint free cloth or Q-tips. Clean both sides and both ends of ribbon cable(s) and, if possible, clean the plugs they go into.

Replace the ribbon cables and make sure they’re seated all the way. Now you just start putting it all back together and if it’s like mine, your TV should now be working just fine!

Good Luck and PLEASE post back if this fixed your problem!


Dave C.

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i have this problem, I'll follow your instructions, see how it goes, thanks!


Ok I cleaned all 3 ribbons including the 4th one that your red arrow pointed to and that was a 3 hour waste of time ,it's still a black bottom screen !


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