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The TBK 958c Laser is a multi function tool which can engrave glass or used to remove the adhesive holding the back plate glass used on iPhones.

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TBK 958A missing iPhone 8 file. How to find...

I got my laser back glass removal machine to make a successful run the first time around on a test iPhone 8 cracked back glass and it worked fine.

But the second time around when I try to select the iPhone 8 file nothing appears. Is there any way I can recover this file somehow?

Does my TBK 958c have a software issue?

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You save change file but you can download file from:

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Hi Stad.

I did for a saved change file I messed up, and it worked great. BUT, the file for the iPhone XS MAX is not working from this download. The laser is missing the bottom corners of the phone.

Do you know how I can work around this issue? Or, is the file set specifically this way so the laser does NOT hit those lower corner sections on purpose?


Hey, I don’t know if you ever found the answer you were looking for, but I found the treasure trove of files from the company. Most likely after use something got edited with the original file and it broke it. Here’s the link to the files. You want the one with in the name.


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