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The Nutri Ninja is a personal blender by Ninja Kitchen. This blender has no buttons: it starts blending when you insert the cup into the base. It is 900 watts.

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Why does the liquid I am blending gets warm?

I put in almost all cold or room temperature ingredients; oat milk, frozen leafy greens, protein powder, chia seeds.

After blending it 2 or 3 times, what I was blending came out warm or almost hot.

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What does the motor shafts temp after you've used your blender?

There is only two sources for heat here either the motors heat is getting into the carafe or the friction of the blades going through the material is building up heat.

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Could also be a exothermic reaction of the ingredients


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The blade causes the water molecules to vibrate at a high rate which generates a lot of intermolecular friction between them. When this happens there’s an increase in the particle’s internal energy and this is felt as heat.

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