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Model A1418 / Mid 2014 / 1.4, 2.7 & 2.9 GHz Core i5 or 3.1 GHz Core i7 Processor

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There is any way to change the iMac Serial?


I’m having a problem, there is any way to change the iMac serial number?


Best regards,

Nuno Martins

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@nuno27 - Why do you think thats the problem? Can you give us a bit more here on what the system is not doing or what you are expecting.


@danj The computer was sold from a company and is in their enrollment program when i reinstall the computer from recovery or USB when it connects to wifi automaticaly starts to download profiles and blocks everything and install some of their company intranet apps and i called apple and they could not help me and i'm trying to contact the company, but if i changed the serial number to some serial that is not being used, the mac probably will work fine


@nuno27 - You need to get them to remove it from their jamf MDM system. Replacing the serial number won't alter things.


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Sounds like the computer is iCloud locked. You will need to get the company to release it. Contact their IT person, as they may consider it their property.

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It is not iCloud locked it is connected to a "jamf" Server


Well it is locked into their network, they need to release it.


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It is possible, is a micro-soldering job and programming job (on new ones), and to be honest is cheaper changing the complete motherboard, unless you are planning to do it yourself.

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