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Released November 4, 2017. Model A1865, A1901. Available as GSM or CDMA / 64 or 256 GB / Silver or Space Gray. (Pronounced the same as "iPhone 10.")

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Is it possible to unlock Icloud locked iPhone?

Hello, I am learning to become cell phone repairman and I want to learn how to remove Icloud lock? There are alot of Icloud unlock websites and methods, but I am not sure if they work or not. Please do share your experience with Icloud unlocking.


is it your device ?


I don't have one, I was thinking about buying it from ebay


@timyd20 Will it work with all models?


Can someone please help me unlock activation locked iPhone Xr I bought it off Facebook and it turned out to be iCloud locked


I have bought my daughter an ipad mini for Xmas and activation lock on. I'm gutted as can not release it. Can someone help me please. Genuine ipad.


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As a budding tech, don’t waste your time trying to learn how to unlock an Activation (iCloud) Locked device…it can’t be done. Apple has really done their homework. Most, if not all, online sites are scams. The only way to unlock it is via GSX and if anyone truly has access to this, they are doing something illegal. It’s as simple as that.

If it was truly that easy, the market would be flooded with iCloud UNlocked devices and iPhone theft would be a rampant problem.

That said, iCloud locked devices do serve a useful purpose in life, at least for a tech. They are great devices to practice on, especially from a micro-soldering perspective as you can try things you might not normally on a fully functional device. They can also serve as a repository of truly original parts but you always have to consider if you are helping or hurting in keeping this cycle going.


@minho "and iPhone theft would be a rampant problem." It IS a rampant problem. Do you think thieves check to see if it's locked when they snatch them off a table, or out of a purse/pocket, or any other way the end up with one? They find that out after the fact and either try to sell it as is or try to unlock it and fail and then sell it as is.


On Monday my girlfriend and mine iphones were stolen, house got broken into, how ever my girlfriends phone did not have icloud activated, my was until i switched it off, for awhile, i had to do a factory restore just before it was stolen to reset all settings, does that mean it reactivated my iclod by default again?


It is definitely possible to bypass iCloud Activation Lock but it isn’t possible to fully “unlock” it. In other words, if you reset or update the device, it will become locked again. Any iPhone 5s to X can be bypassed untethered on iOS 12.3 to 13.2.3 with the checkra1n jailbreak. You can also bypass any iPhone 5s to X on iOS 13.3+ with a paid bypass for $15 that I’ve tested on 2 iPhone X and it works but its Tethered so if the device dies or reboots, you’ll have to bypass it again. Sim cards/cellular/SMS/phone calls don’t work with any of these bypasses along with iMessage and many other small things. Also, please remember to not do this with stolen devices, try to get it back to the owner first. I once bought an Activation Locked iPhone X on eBay for parts and once I turned it on it had a phone number to call. I called that number and returned the phone. The owner rewarded me $200 for returning it. The moral of the story is to return it if its not yours.

Edit: It is possible to unlock an Activation Locked device with a GSX account as stated by someone in another answer, but most people who claim to have one are either scammers, or extremely overpriced to the point that its cheaper to buy a new device (or both).


It will most certainly not wipe your sim. People sometimes do get rid of their phones and simply forget (or don’t know) they have to remove them from their account.

I had never heard about using GSX to do this. If I was a gambling man, I would bet the right answer would be to “flash the right chip directly’” using something like a raspberry pi and those blue clip thingies, or I prefer using needles soldered to cables running back to the RPI’s gipo. I only mention this method because I used it for a MacBook Pro I inherited, and I iCloud locked by accident. And I know for a fact this worked, but finding the right firmware for that specific phone’s chip would be quite a mission impossible I imagine. I followed a guide from some website that has the word hack in its url, and they provided the firmwares to all the different model chips as well as pictures showing which chip it actually is.


There are physical modifications that can be made to certain iPad models that remove iCloud Lock. In essence, you can turn an older GSM/LTE iPad into a WiFi-only iPad and circumvent Activation Lock. IIRC, it is still at risk when updating (less of an issue with old iPads) or resetting the device.

You still have a device in a diminished state however, hence my answer that Activation Lock cannot be fully circumvented yet.


It is next to impossible to remove activation lock from the latest iPhones such as iPhone 12, iPhone 11, etc. But if you are using an older iPhone (iPhone 5s to iPhone X), then there are some paid third-party paid applications that can help you remove the icloud activation lock. They first jailbreak your iPhone and then unlock it.

My father bought a used iPhone 7 Plus from OLX (it is an Indian classified site similar to Craigslist) at a throw away price. He showed me the phone and asked me to create a new Apple ID so that he can start using the device. His happiness vanished as soon as I told him that he cannot use the device as it has the activation lock set by the previous owner. We contacted the seller and he asked us to pay INR 12,000 (about USD 160) which we denied to pay for obvious reasons. He learned the lesson hard way!

I found many online services claiming to unlock any iOS device for as low as $19. I didn’t use them because they looked too seedy. They claimed that you will be able to use all the services including the call, message and cellular data function, and that made me little suspicious. Later, I found about a paid third-party desktop application as mentioned in this guide, and it did remove the activation lock from my iPhone 7 Plus. Someone recommended it on the Reddit. I tried but I couldn’t find that post on Reddit. Anyway, I paid $30 for the app. I downloaded it on my Macbook Pro (it is available for windows too), and it first asked me to jailbreak my iPhone 7 Plus and then removed the lock from my iPhone. I wouldn’t say that the whole process was quite easy. It was complicated, but I managed it somehow. My iPhone turns on, and it no longer asks me to enter previous owner Apple ID and password. I can also download the apps over Wifi and make audio and videos calls using apps like WhatsApp messenger. Now here’s what I cannot do:

  • I can no longer make phone calls and send text messages/imessages.
  • I cannot login to iCloud to backup my data.
  • It is also not possible to use the cellular data on my iPhone 7 Plus.
  • I cannot factory reset my iPhone . After a factory reset, it will be locked again and I have to use the same tool to unlock it.

In short, I’m using it as an iPod touch. I guess it is still better than nothing. In a nutshell, it is extremely difficult to remove the icloud activation lock from an iOS device without the password. You iPhone won’t function as normal even if you manage to unlock it someone.


That's not removing the activation lock. "I can no longer make phone calls and send text messages/iMessages." Okay so you don't have an iPhone.


Fun fact: You do not NEED to pay in order to remove iCloud lock, there are free programs out there. I myself am here because I made a series of poor choices which resulted in my iPhone 6 being iCloud locked.

Firstly, I did not write down my complex password or save it anywhere.

Secondly, I tried to restore it from a backup which didn't work out because I realized I also had forgotten my iCloud password too.

Thirdly, I tried the wrong iCloud password too many times which locked my iCloud account as a whole.

Fourth, I used a fake birthdate because I was worried about privacy and as expected, I forgot that fake birthdate too.

I remembered the iCloud password but as I had mentioned before, I forgot my fake birthdate.

And that is why I am in the situation I am in now.


@alberttheinste Ok MR. before you didn't have anything. Now at least you have the shell of an iPhone.


@bryanhillinfo well it's a wonder you remembered you even had a phone as forgetful as you seem to be.


Only if you know the account info. It isn’t possible to unlock the phone if you don’t know and got it from eBay because someone sold them a bad phone and didn’t help.


I honestly think there should be a way to message an email linked to an Icloud locked device.

Say for instance, apple adds a submit your email option to the activation screen. This way, if a device is locked and attempts are bein made to log in, apple sends the newly submitted email to the email linked to the email linked to icloud quoting "I have a device locked to your account, do you still give a &&^& pls". This way people who either lost their device or forgot to sign in can mail new holder using a third party app or smthn. Atleast some light!

If I loose my phone for instance, it'll be some worth delightfull getting a mail through apple from the new desperate holder?


Everything you see on YouTube and some other Sites on the Internet are notorious lies and scams ... The iPhone is impossible to unlock unless you know the owner's account. Have fun and waste of time.

Dr V.Dj.


There is also a small chance that you will bypass Activation lock and enter the owner's ID data (E-mail and password), but once you have logged in to iOS, it is impossible to delete the owner's account and the Find My Phone option. You will use the iPhone, with reduced options, until the first shutdown and then again the "toy" from the beginning, with no guarantee that the ID bypass will succeed again. My advice: Raise money and buy yourself a legal iPhone or create a life without someone else's iPhone. Greetings. I wish you health and happiness in life.

Dr. V.Dj.


Yes and no. If you buy an iCloud locked iPhone, unless you know either the account email and password or the previous passcode, you will be unable to unlock it without jailbreaking it, I had this problem on an iPhone 5s.

Buy a new mother board and replace !!! That all !!!


Still does not work, at least on 4s.


Yeah, but very often a WORKING motherboard will cost more than the iPhones original value. I have an iPhone 6 16GB that I entered the wrong icloud password too many times and so put in a fake birthdate that I forgot so IFU. And now I'm screwed that I can't use the device.



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