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Repair information for the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) Duos. Model Number: SM-J320F/DS

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My phone's touchscreen isn't working from time to time

My phone's touchscreen isnt working properly every now and then for around 3 seconds and then becomes normal. Why is it happening? It is like someone keeps touching my touchscreen and not letting me press buttons correctly.(makes games with D-Pad control unplayable).I can recognize it whenever i need to hold a button or swipe something. Even if it is probably my phone I just want to know why this happens in the first place? Why does it happen only every 2 hours or so? Why doesnt it just happen anytime? Help?

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There could be a number of reasons from hardware to software related issues. If the device had experienced a drop or rough impact at some point, the digitizer which senses touch, may have been damaged. But seeing as it happens every couple of hours, it sounds like it’s more of a software related issue where the device just freezes up and becomes unresponsive.

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