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Released November 2016, the PS4 Pro features upgraded hardware for 4K gaming and improved PSVR performance.

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Replacement 4 pin PSU Header that attaches to motherboard


I have a PS4 pro here I bought faulty with no power. I have opened it up and the power cable for the power supply is damaged and didn’t seem to have anywhere to plug into on the motherboard.

Upon inspection it seems the entire header has been torn from the board but thankfully all 4 pads are intact but the header only has 2 pins on it so I am not able to resolder it to the board.

I’m currently looking for a replacement one and I am having a really hard time finding the part and confirming it will be compatible. If someone knows the exact name of the part or can point me in the direction to ordering one that would be great.

What I wanted to attempt in the meantime is some way to get PS4 to power up to test if all else works. I had the idea of stripping one end of of the power cable and soldering it directly to the corresponding pads where the header would have been and then simply plugging the other end into the power supply. In theory with my limited knowledge I expect it to work but I wanted confirmation before trying so I do not damage anything else.

Thanks for any help!

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Here is the part here for anyone interested:

For a US store just google the Part Number: 292207-4  and select your desired US store.

Will need to bend the pins out but this seems to be an exact match.

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