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Can knee holes be repaired?

Hi, my husband has a pair of old blue fleece capilene base layer pants that he LOVES. I mean, he thinks they are magic. The knees have worn out and are now gaping holes yet he refuses to get rid of the pants. I have tried to replace them with newer versions of capilene base layer pants and none of them (3 pair, different versions) “work”. There is something about the fit and the waist band elastic that is too bulky in the newer versions. I’m wondering if the traveling Worn Wear repair truck could patch the knees with similar fleece scraps???

I just read that they are coming to Pacific Grove on the 23rd and 24th. I’m in Santa Cruz and would make the drive to make my hubby happy. Or maybe I can get them repaired at our Santa Cruz store???

Please let me know.

Thank you!


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I would suggest that you ask the traveling Worn Wear repair truck at their home base this question as they would be able to give you a much more certain answer than someone here ever could.

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