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Are mb pro a1229 parts interchangeable with mb pro a1151?

I have an macbook pro 17" a1151 and I need new battery, trackpad, iSight cable & internal fan. Will these parts from an macbook pro 17" a1229 fit my macbook pro 17" a1151?

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Billy, you're the one with both machines, you should be better able to answer this than any of us. They are different series machines and the parts may or may not be interchangeable. If perchance you don't have the second machine, save yourself a lot of headaches and just get the correct parts.

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Mayer - LoL - if I had both computers in front of me I wouldn't be asking the question! My A1151 needs repairs and I am looking at "buying" the A1229 if in fact the parts are interchangeable!!!!


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