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Released September 16, 2016. Model 1660, 1778 Available as GSM or CDMA / 32, 128 or 256 GB / Rose gold, gold, silver, black, and jet black.

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iPhone 7 Freezing/Boot Looping

Woke up at 5am today to my phone stuck on the apple logo. Tried updating through iTunes to no avail and had to restore. Restore was successful and I restored a back up, while downloading spotify it froze and turned off. It bootlooped slowly around 7 times and now it's just solidly on the apple logo. Phone also gets warm to the touch. Battery is 100% not the issue. Phone is also fully charged. Any suggestions help, thanks.

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Did anything happen to the device in the days and weeks leading up to this issue, such as a drop, a repair attempt or contact with water?

Assuming this was a spontaneous failure, it is probably a failed component on the logic board. The iPhone 7 is prone to several issues after repeated minor drops and flexing over the course of its life. It could also be a dead or dying battery or modular component.

If you have access to a multimeter, you could measure the battery first. If it reads ~3.8V - 4.2V, then it is good.

I would start by testing a bare-bones setup. Start by disconnecting the battery first (always!). Then disconnect the digitizer, LCD, front camera, rear camera and home button extension flex. Now re-connect the battery; you should only have the battery and Lightning Dock flex connected. Connect a known-good, preferably Apple-original Lightning cable to an iTunes enabled computer.

Does iTunes recognize your phone? If so, then you should re-connect one flex at a time until the phone stops working. I would start with the Home button flex first, then add the rear camera, LCD & Digitizer then from camera flex.

If the bare-bones setup does not get recognized by iTunes, then you most likely have a logic board issue. You could send it (or find a local) to a repair shop that specializes in micro-soldering repair. Sometimes the fix can be straightforward (i.e.  a blown filter) and relatively economical.

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I've tried restoring through iTunes multiple times with different cables, computers etc and I get error 9. The phone has never been opened or repaired (yes I do repair iPhones too) and I've owned it since about mid 2018. After a week of buying it new I dropped it and it gained a small crack but that was the only time it was ever dropped and that's almost 2 years ago. It's also never had any water damage, battery health was pretty high with low cycles and everything was working fine before this, no errors, crashes, speed decrease etc.


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