How can I reboot my locked fire without my keyboarded?

I’ve owned this Amazon, Fire Kindle for around 8 years, Then one day I accidentally dropped it, and my keyboard would pop up for email, but I could only type a few words then I coudnt’t type anything, The same thing applied to any games that didn't give me a keyboard, I eventually figured out my spacebar was breaking the keyboard, I didn't care bc I could still log in just fine. It worked perfectly fine last night, now its keyboard barley pops up, and when it does I can’t type anything, I have no idea how this happened…. I tried restarting it, but even after 20 restarts the darn thing still won’t work. It allows me to have my keyboard to switch accounts though, I wanna reboot the entire thing if it will fix my keyboard but without my password, the suggestions on this site are pretty useless… perhaps it's because of the age of the fire, but another issue is my charger peace inside the Fire is loose, and falls out and has to be placed perfectly or it won’t charge… I also tried shaking my tablet, I think I hear something loose in it, Plz help me this tablet my only device I can play my very fav game on, and I don’t think my parents will get me another tablet any time soon, plz tell me how to reboot the entire device, everything else seems hopeless at this point.

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