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Repair guides and disassembly information for Apple's 7th generation of iPads.

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How do I replace my iPad 7 screen and where do I buy a new screen?

So I bought a brand new iPad 7th generation the other day for Christmas but it fell straight out of the box when opened, Yh I know it sucks but I’m wondering where I can buy a replacement for my iPad screen because I’m happy to fix it on my own instead of paying the 300$ Apple is charging (I didn’t buy Apple care) if there is any other solutions then you’re welcome to tell me

just asking since I have a hard time finding answers, can you buy Apple care after you have already broken your screen? It says I a have 40 more days to apply it but some say u can’t and some say u can

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Being such a new model parts are still difficult to find. So you’ll need to wait a bit until something shows up.

As far as getting AppleCare I’ve known people getting it without any issues within 48 or so hours without difficulty. While Others had to bring their device in to get it inspected. So you do have a chance to lower your cost as you’ll still need to pay for the part at a reduced price.

Don’t forget you still need to live with your self -}

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As long as it still functions and it’s only a cracked screen. Go to your settings, general, about and there should be a choice to purchase it. It will do a diagnostics test, once they see it still functions, it will allow you to purchase AppleCare for your device. My son recently dropped/cracked his, bought on Dec. 6, 71 days after and 11 days too late. Story of my life. Good luck

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This is reponse to apple care issue. Your device is covered with standard warranty as u know along with carrier purchased insurance. yes u can still get the apple care bc between me and u dont shoot yourself in da foot. lol but its like you get an extended grace period where you have x amount of days to get and report status is excellent condition. use your own judgement but its impossible for them to know anything more than u tell them unless a software issue. Hope i gave u some insight. Have a nice day

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