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Full capacity smartphone released on AT&T, with 4G LTE connectivity.

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Can't hear caller and speaker don't work after screen repair

So I replaced the screen of my mother’s LG Escape 3 and now the phone’s speaker as well as the ear part of the phone won’t work. I have tested it time and time again and still nothing. I’m thinking a hard reset might help but I am not sure. Any answers or theories would help.

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Hi Jorge!

Are you sure that everything is good at it’s place? If yes, Try to clean the contacts, as far as I know, the speaker and the ear speaker both make contacts with the golden pins on the boards. Try to clean the pins (same for on the boards). And make sure that the ribbon cable for the power board is connected to the motherboard.

Ear speaker - Pins on the motherboard.

Speaker - Pins on the power board.

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So in terms of cleaning would a cotton swab and high proof alcohol be appropriate in this situation?


Hi Jorge,

Yes that is correct. I would use isopropyl alcohol to clean it.


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