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I get this error

When I shut down my laptop it gives me this error. I think its ram, tell me what y'all think.

Block Image

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Generally that means there was an access violation, but suspect the RAM if this happens every time. Run memtest86+ for a few passes (at least 5) and see if you have any issues with the RAM.

Pray it isn’t the RAM if you have one of the cursed models which require a total teardown to replace it. We don’t know which one you have, so nobody can find out.

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Because the term “Reference Memory” was used in the error, I have to say it might indeed be some sort of memory error. Any time the term “Memory” or other terms related to the term “Memory” is stated by an error message, That should indicate a memory issue because the error explicitly calls out the system memory as the source of the problem. though, sometimes the issue is implicitly called out meaning that thorough investigation may be necessary due to it being less obvious. Look for special terms to find out only if the error explicitly calls out a specific component.

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