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The HP Laserjet Pro 200 Color MFP can be identified by its model number: CF145A. This wireless-enabled color multi-function printer provides ePrint, touchscreen access to apps, and versatile scan, fax, and copy options.

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How do I clear a paper jam error after the paper jam is removed?

I cannot use my printer anymore because it says there is a paper jam, but I’ve thoroughly checked and cannot find one…not even a little piece of torn paper.

is there a hard system reset I can do?

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Hello Christopher

1-Open the top tray from the back and the bottom tray from the bottom . look at the machine warnings and remove the jammed papers from both trays. Usually a graphic icon appears on the display to guide you.follow it. read the manual of the device for more help as well.

2-I have a similar model of this printer, but a more advanced one. The mechanism of the two seems to be similar. I had the same problem. In the sub printer section where the paper is lifted from the bottom tray, there is a small tab system that is usually dirty and greasy. Wash it with a suitable solution and be careful not to touch any other part by hand .Normal alcohol is sufficient for washing with cotton.

Do nothing to damage the system(important). Also this set is very sensitive to dust and you need to get a cover and put it on the machine. You may need to repeat this operation almost every9 months. Especially if you don’t use the printer for a while.

3-If you haven't used the printer for a long time, always remove the top paper from the bottom tray before starting the first printing because it usually contains a lot of dust that carries inside the machine.


5-To reach the desired tabs, first turn off the device and unplug it. Then remove the bottom tray. Now bend the device cautiously backwards. It is best to use an assistant. The assistant must hold the device backwards in a bent position. These tabs are located inside the system. The tabs rotate on top of the paper and guide the paper into the system. Clean them thoroughly with alcohol and cotton napkins.

If you purchase isopropyl alcohol, always use alcohol that is at least 90% pure; alcohol that has additives can damage the printer. Also Alcohol is flammable,keep alcohol-soaked wipes away from hot surfaces. Cleaning kits are available as well.


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