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Why are my exterior lights are on and I tried to turn them off.

I was taking trash out at 11 pm and I noticed my truck lights are on. I have not driven since yesterday and tonight, it is on. second of all. I tried to turn off lights by starting truck, turn off truck, lock, unlock, lock again for the night, and even switch 4WD (its winter here) and turn back to 2WD. I tried the emergency lights, none of that. Nothing and still lights on few mins later. Something is wrong. I want it turn off asap because it is draining on the battery! The yellow side lights are on and tail lights are on and license plate lights in rear are on also. But headlights are off. interior are off.

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If you have remote keyless entry (remote lock/unlock), then there might be a problem with the BCU (the truck’s main computer) or the keyless entry computer. These computers flash your exterior lights to let you know something’s going on, and the software can leave them on incorrectly. A fix will probably require a Toyota dealer checking and reflashing a computer. There might be a mechanical problem such as condensation in a switch or contacts, but that would usually cause the interior lights to come on with the exterior lights. So just the exterior without any interior causes me to think it’s a software issue.

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