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Electronic doll produced by Wicked Cool Toys in 2017. The bear is able to move its LED eyes and mouth to ‘read’ stories to children.

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Mouth and eyes work but...

I have a teddy ruxpin that the eyes and mouth work but he moves his mouth to all the characters on the tape. I’m not sure if there is a fix for him. I have searched and found no one with this same problem. I have tried different tapes but it still does the same thing.

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If its an original 1984 teddy ruxpin, and if you are using his exact WOW tapes, it could either be that the tape is messed up/stretched, or that the servos are out of sync, due to wrong signals from the cassette deck, (like having dents in the pinch roller). You could try and hold teddys jaw shut, and only remove your hand when its teddys turn to talk, maybe after 2 runs of doing this, he’ll go back to normal.

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@oliviasfur93554 but what would make the servos out of sync?


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