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Model A1224 / Early 2009 / 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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iMac LCD jumps from blue to black

This beautiful Intel based iMac 20” early 2009 at startup jumps to a blue screen with a lot of visual noise (just for a second) and then turns black and stays black.

I’ve checked the screen for image with a flashlight, no signs of a faint image.

I’ve disconnected all LCD cables (except for the temperature otherwise fans go crazy), hooked up an external screen through DP and the DELL external screen shows perfectly clear image.

The diagnostic LEDs are burning as follows: 1: green 2: green 3: off 4: green.

Inverter or screen, what do you think?

EDIT: upon closer look I find that LED 3 isn’t off but is actually missing! I believe this is the GPU indicator (someone confirm?) and since external screen shows image I believe it works.

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No diagnostic LED #3 Apple didn't populate it on this series.


I find it awesome that you know such a specific fact.


Using a flashlight held on the screen at a sharp angle do you see the faint image of your desktop?


Ah yes I forgot to mention in opening post. No sign of image with a flashlight either.


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With no image that tells us the display its self has failed. On the backside under the covers is another board called a T-CON. In your case this is the part that has failed. Sadly there part is not readily available, you’ll need to replace the full display.

20” Display Assembly - Apple P/N 661-4983

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Includes the part number, that's amazing thank you.


I can get my hands on a 20" LCD from a A1224 2008. Seller can only give me panel number: M201EW02 which is similar to my 2009 LCD. Any idea if fits my early 2009 version? Can't find this info anywhere.


M201EW02 is just the panel ID vs the Apple part number which is the same!


For future reference: 2008 replacement screen fits and works 2009 model, however you need to transplant the 2009 LCD temp cable to the 2008 one as the older one has a 4 pin connector that doesn't fit the 2009 motherboard. Thanks Dan, all the best!


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