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Hardware revision of the TI-89 released in 2004.

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Original TI-89 enter key not working

I have an original TI-89 which is kind of corroded on the inside. The enter key worked just fine a little while ago, but after taking it apart and carefully back together, all the other buttons work, just not the enter key. Any ideas on repair? Should I just get another one?

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I don't have a definitive answer, however this is off the top of my head: If it stopped working right after you put it back together, I'd suggest taking it back apart and seeing if you simply didn't put the enter key back together properly. You can use this guide if you need: TI-89 Titanium Power Button Replacement I'd highly suggest cleaning the battery corrosion while you're at it (there's many guides online if you need help with that)

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Alright, I'll try that.


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