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Vertical/Thick white lines taking over my screen!

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Hello everyone!

So I have my Vizio TV here with these lines on the screen I'm trying to fix. I've searched online for answers, and although I feel like I know what piece I have to purchase (Main board? Correct me if I'm wrong), I just wanted to make sure it was the actual piece needed for my TV. Please help me

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Hi there Jeffrey,

Actually when it comes to TV, main board controller isn’t the culprit of Screen Issues.

There are actually tons of culprits that we can consider instead of the main board.

  1. Check the connections of the LCD/LED Screen of your TV if there is any loose contact or loose wirings.
  2. Probably, because of too long usage of the TV, the screen might be in worn out state. A replacement of the TV Screen would be a better solution.
  3. If things still persist after you do the following, that is the time we can focus on the main board issues.

Hope this answer helps you, Good Luck :D

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