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The Asus Zenbook was manufactured by AsusTek Computer Inc and released in 2015. It has a matt anti-glare finish with a 13.3" touchscreen. The model number is UX303U.

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Why my laptop​ often stop working and bios page auto shows up?

My laptop​ is​ often​ become​ frozen lately, while I am working​ on word document. After​ that bios page will auto​matically show up. I called Asus support and they told me to press power button and hold for one minute. It is only​ solve temporary, but then happen​ again​ every 20 minutes or auto restart.

I bought​ this UX303U​ in 2016 and just replace​d mainboard​ in 2017 because​ of similar​ problem for frozen, bios, and black screen. Now it doesnt have black​ screen, but frozen, then bios or auto reboot.

Can you​ please​ suggest?

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it sounds like BIOS issue during getting a collection of data.

I’m suggesting you the full BIOS reset, so disassemble your laptop, remove the main battery (do not power it up during disassembling) and search for the small “watch” battery on the MB. Remove this battery and let the laptop waits for one minute, then press the power-up for over 30 seconds and then insert the “watch” battery back (this battery’s holding BIOS CMOS). Then insert this battery back, assemble your laptop, as the last action, insert the main battery and plug power up from AC/DC → now start your laptop and continue in your work. If it’ll happen again, try to update your BIOS, just check Asus Download Center, enter your laptop type and search for a package to update your BIOS, BE CAREFUL! Read ‘read me’ before installing for instruction! If you still don’t know, try to read Wiki-How.

After the BIOS update, the laptop should work properly, if not, then write below :)

How to disassemble your laptop?

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