Bootloop when ATI Radeon 5770 installed

Weird issue with one of my Mac Pros I have sitting around…

I recently trash picked an ATI Radeon 5770 1 GB video card for one of my early 2008 Mac Pros I had sitting idle. I installed it today, and when I tried to turn my Mac Pro on it just kept replaying the startup chime over and over again and produced no video. The card fan was spinning, and I made sure the card was seated in the PCI-e card properly & the booster cable was seated properly too. The unit does not do this with another known good graphics card.

I really want to get this graphics card to work. Where would I even start? Or is it just not worth my time?

Here’s a video of the boot chime loop

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Do you have a different board (preferably something bios) you can test the graphics card on?


Yes, I do, I can test it at my workplace later today.


Do you think this is caused by a board issue or just the card not being supported in your setup try putting the card in another board and see what happens.


Tried it in another Mac Pro at my workplace and it made that computer boot loop too. I’m certain it’s a board issue with the card...


Hmm... It sounds like the EFI portion of the VBIOS is corrupted, many of these cars were used with heavily modded firmware by cryptocurrency miners and sold off for pennies to the dollar. IF you can find the SPI rom on the card (usually an SOIC-8 package about the size of your pinky nail) you can try jumping pins 1+8 and see if it boots in that state.


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