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Apple's 1st generation stylus for the iPad Pro, announced September 9 and launched mid November 2015. Model A1603.

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Apple Pencil Battery Replacement

Question. How does apple replace the battery in the Apple Pencil, because according to the link below, they can and do change the battery for 30$

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Ha! They don’t! All they are doing is exchanging yours for a new (used) one.

Apple’s AirPod’s & Apple Pencils are sealed and not repairable!

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The teardown also says it can't be replaced:

Apple Pencil Teardown


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Hey! Apple replaces it for $79 (Idk where you got $30 unless you have AppleCare+) is because they replace it with a remanufactured Apple Pencil, where essentially they use the recycled parts from recycled devices.

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