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Released September 20, Apple's largest and most expensive 2019 smartphone features a 6.5" OLED display, a triple-lens camera system, and greatly improved battery life. Successor to the iPhone XS Max.

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Can a faulty mfi cable damage Tristar chip?

Hi everyone!

one week ago I decided to buy another lightning to usb c cable (mfi) with wall charger, both Aukey products. Plugging the iphone I noticed that green lightning bolt icon just appeared for a second and then it turned white (no charging). My guess was bad wall charger. After I've contact Aukey Support they suggested me to try the combo Apple wall charger plus aukey cable. This time I have noticed that lightning bolt icon blinked green twice and then the iPhone kept charging. There was definitely something with the cable because the opposite (Apple cable with aukey charger) worked fine without double blinking. Since then I have the impression that the iPhone lose too much battery percentage in too short time. I read by googling about Tristar chip (u2 ic) that can be damaged by faulty cables because of voltage spikes

Now my concern it's exactly this

What are your thoughts? It is unlikely?

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Hi @faust_one

Suggest you to test with another brand charger and cable.

Also try connecting to the PC and observe the behavior.


Thanks for your reply

I made this tests already:

1) Aukey cable with aukey charger pa-y20 -> blinks once green and then become white (no charging)

2) Aukey cable with aukey charger pa-y15 -> blinks twice green and then keeps charging

3) Aukey cable with original Apple 18w charger -> blinks twice green and then keeps charging

4) Apple cable with aukey charger pa-y20 -> blinks green once and keeps charging (normal behavior)

5) Apple cable with aukey charger pa-y15 -> blinks green once and keeps charging (normal behavior)

Obviously all works fine with both Apple accessories (blinks once green and keeps charging)

It remains try connecting that faulty cable to the pc but I prefer not to do. I am a little paranoid


I think that is the switching circuitry in the charging cable itself when it switches between normal and fast charging.

Looks like working normal as intended. Battery drain is probably just placebo or co-incidental.


The odd thing is why with the first aukey charger it doesn’t charge and with second aukey charger and Apple one keeps charging with that double blink


Might be a compatibility problem with the combination of charging cable and charger.


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The newer Iphones are designed to use apple approved cables or the phone will not charge. When your buying cables or chargers, make sure the package says Apple Certified replacement.

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