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The 2017 flagship cellphone for ZTE, model number Z982. It features a 6" display, USB-C, and runs on Android 7.1.1 Nougat.

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Why is my phone not powering on?

My ZTE Z Blade Max shows that the home button has its light on, and is off. I keep trying to turn it on, but it vibrates then turn back off and continues with the light on. I even have tried with the charger plugges in. Same result. I was able to figure out the device has half its battery used. I try to restore the device but it decides to turn back off after trying to reset it.

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1 Antwoord

Seems like the battery ran too low/is acting up. Try plugging it in overnight and let it sit. Then in the morning, try to power it up. Usually, when a phones battery runs down too much, you have to plug it in and let it sit, or else it will not have enough juice to boot up. Let me know what the result was.

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I mean I did state that it said it was like half battery close to 54%.


Possible that is acting up in a way though...


How long has it been like this? Did it just start doing it recently?


A few minutes ago.


I would let it sit overnight plugged in and see what it does. If it is still acting up tomorrow morning, then it may seem like a firmware issue.


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