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The HP 15-da0012dx Model Name: 4BS32UA is a laptop released by HP in 2018. It features a 15.6 inch touch screen.

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Adhesive choice for edges of screen after replacement?

I just replaced the screen on this laptop and now I am having trouble choosing an adhesive to use on the bottom edge of the laptop where the plastic frame attaches? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Low tack double sided tape if you insist on replacing it. You will be fine without it, but the part of the bezel with the HP logo may appear loose without any used, but it's cosmetic and only matters if you care about looking passably stock. Even HP still uses screws on their bezels despite the move to tape being the norm.

Personally I wouldn’t replace it, but something like this will work if you insist on adding tape. Just make sure the permanent side (the part that comes off the roll without protection) goes on the bezel and not the LCD in case you need to service it - these new LCDs are so thin it doesn’t take much to break it again. Tape is just going to complicate service since it's a tape/mechanical hybrid bezel configuration.

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