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Repair guides for the 2018 version of the Samsung Galaxy A8 Android smartphone released in January 2018.

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How to replace the glass on the back of my phone?

The back of my phone cracked with a case and I want to replace it because i feel like it is a hazard.

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Its a pretty easy procedure:

  1. Heat the back cover with a heat gun, blow dryer, etc. to loosen the adhesive
  2. Use something small and thin to get between the glass and the phone’s housing and separate the glass from the phone
  3. The new back should come with some adhesive, otherwise apply a small bead of glue all along the outer edge of the glass back
  4. Place the glass back onto the phone’s housing and press along the outer edges to create a seal between the glue and the housing

A back can be purchased here

Hope this helps!

Update: The fingerprint sensor/camera lens may have to be transferred from the smashed back to the new one. Simply use a little bit of heat to loosen it from the old back and glue it down on the new one.

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Check here best '''Protection Glass Cover'''

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