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Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, model SM-W700NZKAXAR, was released on March 18, 2016 is designed to be used as a tablet and a laptop.

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Does the support NVme m.2 ssd?

The Intel website says the processor supports pcie 3.0 but not sure if it would be compatible on this motherboard. According to the photos the socket is compatible. It came with a sata m.2 but its in a m.2 m style socket

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Hi John, trust the description of the producer.


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Hi John,

please visit Can I upgrade the SSD on the Tabpro S? , it may be useful for you :)

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Thanks for the reply I saw this post but the op replaced theirs with a larger sata 3 drive I was wondering if a nvme which is faster could be used instead


Ofc, I'm sorry, you must use M.2 drive with a SATA connection, regarding to pins


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