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Repair information and guides for the 2015 Retina MacBook Air. Model A1534

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No sign of power on MacBook 2015 Core M.

My MacBook 2015 randomly died and then wouldn’t charge. I removed the back panel, tested the cells and they were reading below 2.9v. I have since removed the battery and installed a brand new one, but there is still no sign of life. I have plugged the MacBook in with a 5W charger as suggested in the iFixit guide, but after a few hours still nothing. LogicBoard Issue??

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Have you gone in with a multimeter and tested for continuity between the power switch, the battery, and the charge port? Im not too well-versed with how the board is wired up in these models, but I would recommend checking to make sure that the battery is even being recognized.

if it’s anything like the chromebooks that I fix daily as a result of my job, I would recommend just charging it all night long and coming back in the morning. Some of the batteries come almost dead and as a result take a day or two to regain their composure so to speak.

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Hi Shy, thanks for your response. I haven't checked continuity for the power button, as I never thought of that to be the issue. I will check that now. Although when the Mac has reached a sufficient charge it should switch itself on which it hasn't done. I have checked the new battery after leaving it on charge for a while, and the cells show 3.6v, so the Mac should be powering on.


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