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TI-84 Plus calculator support.

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My calculator has a burned hole in it. How can I fix?

It got stabbed by a compass (the math measuring one in my bag) but the strangest thing is that it seems to have burned a larger hole around it. Is there a way to replace some parts in it or get someone else to fx it?

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If your display looks something like

Block Image

Then that’s permanent pressure damage you’ve just applied to the monochrome screen. When you press on them hard the ink in the display gets all messed up. I’m unaware of a fix besides replacing the whole screen.

You can probably find a broken calculator on Ebay that has a display that’s fully functional (it’s pretty obvious if there’s pressure damage) then salvage the broken calculator’s display and replace your working calculator’s display with it. There’s a teardown guide here: TI-84 Plus Disassembly

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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That burned hole bothers me. Most likely is was caused by an electrical short or battery acid. You really need to open it up and find out what the compass pierced. You could be carrying around a time bomb. Please give us your exact model so we see if we can find you a teardown.


@flyreflyes read the question. " It got stabbed by a compass"

Block Image

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what exactly does a "burned hole" mean though? It could've gotten stabbed with a pencil or ink pen or something, producing the same enlarged hole and burnt appearance.


Someone corrected me as it was pressure damage from the stab not burn. It just looked a little strange. I will have to get a new display screen and replace it. Thanks for your time though.


Ah my bad. I did know that it was stabbed by a compass. I just wasn't quite sure where.


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Is there a way you can post a picture of the affected device? It would be more helpful to see what you’re talking about if we could physically see it. Short of that, I would recommend that you just take a piece of electrical tape or something like that and put it over the hole. It’ll hold just fine till you can replace the front faceplate or whatever.

Unless the hole was bored into the screen itself, you should be able to just hide it and/or forget about it.

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It seems it was pressure damage from the compass , not a weird fire. I will have to replace the screen. Thx for the suggestions though


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