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Repair guides and specifications for the BLU Vivo 8, released in 2017 and supplies an Octa-Core 2.0 GHz Processor with 4 GB of RAM.

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Home button doing everything else but going home

So I went to sleep with my phone working normally and when I wake up the home button is not working. I restart the phone and no difference but then I realized that the fingerprint sensor is still working perfectly normal. So the button itself is responsive in that respect it's just not performing it's primary function which is to take me to the home screen. Anyone have any solutions?

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Is it possible that any liquid got into the phone? Some types of water corrosion can stop specific features from working. Based on the part I found, it looks like the replacement isn’t going to be worth it. You might be able to open the device to clean and reset the connection, although I cannot find a tear down to confirm how this phone is opened.

If you aren’t comfortable working on the phone with no guide, there are alternatives that will allow you to use the phone. iPhones have Assistive Touch which is a software feature to control buttons from the touch screen. Here is an app that you can install to get this feature on android.

Hope this helps!

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