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Samsung's flagship phone, the Galaxy S8. Released in April 2017.

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Samsung S8 how to remove motherboard metal shields/cover

I have this S8 that works but there is some internal component that gets mad hot and drain battery.

How can I correctly remove the metal shields? I tried with heat gun, set it to 400+ Celsius and taking it with tweezers on corner, but nothing, they didn't move at all. With the EMI shield of iPhones this method worked well but it seems I got no luck with s8.

Any tips,???? I don't want to frie the board :-) thanks

Block Image

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This is probably your best bet! Great Video!

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Hi Jessica! Thanks for the response. I've watched all the video you linked, but unfortunately it is missing the process I'm referring to in the thread.

I meant the metal shields that cover all the little ICs and electrical components.

I've updated the OT, now there is a image of it to be more clear. Should have put that from the beginning! Doh :-)


I mean if you still wanted it to work it is part of the full motherboard so there is really no way to take that out and still use it..


You can't remove those shields? So basically you are telling me these boards are not fixable?


You are gonna have to replace the whole mother board.


like the whole green piece its attached to


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Try temp 360 degrees celcius and air flow of 30. It is also advised to use helical hot air gun, they provide a wider surface area coverage.

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