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Mid-range Android smartphone released by Lenovo in April 2016. The Lenovo Vibe K5 includes models A6020a40, A6020a41, A6020l36, and A6020l37.

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My lenovo K8 Note became dead after dipping in the water.

My Lenovo K8 Note was dipped in the water and was in running condition. Unfortunately I put the phone on charging next day of incidence, which lead my phone to dead condition. Please some one advice me whether my phone can be repairable or not. If yes, please advice the action to be taken by me.

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My phone is dead and not charging


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Place your phone in a ziploc bag with silicon packets(packets found in beef jerky bags) in it and leave for a few days if you dont have any you can buy a bag on amazon for cheap for a couple hundred. If after a few days still doesnt work take the phone apart and check for any rust or deposits. If you are not technically able then take it to a phone repair shop they should be able to clean the phone up and fix it for you. Sometimes it may be a shorted battery that needs replacement so I would check the voltage on your battery also. Good luck

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