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How to fix the seventh generation of Honda's compact car.

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Why is my Honda Civic 2003 refusing to start?

I took my Honda Civic 2003 for an AC repair after which the vehicle refused to start. From timing belt, to valve, to switch and relays all have been repaired and fixed. The vehicle still won't start, please what can be the cause?

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Please describe the start process. Does the engine turn with the key and it doesn't fire/start? Does the engine not turn at all when you turn the key? I've heard of a completely frozen AC compressor pulley that will not allow the engine to turn at all with the tension on the accessory belt.


The engine turns with the key, but refuses to start, when it turns with the key it continues rolling slowly but won't start


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Where ever you took the car to get the AC repaired should be responsible for fixing your car back to the same way you dropped if off. They probably damaged something in the car that's preventing it from starting. If its an AC job then you didnt have to do timing nor valve since they have no business messing with those parts for an AC job. There are many reasons why the car won’t start and you can start by getting the car diagnosed with a scanner. Could be a bad sensor like crank sensor or they caused a short in the car while working on the AC with battery still hooked up. Hopefully they did not short out your PCM.

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