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Computer mice manufactured by Microsoft.

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Microsoft laser mouse (has wire) stops working after a while.

This mouse worked well for a long time and suddenly it would stop working. After unplugging for a long time or rebooting the computer it would work again. I tried it on a different computer and it did the same thing. It was working for 2 days and then stopped working. After the Microsoft laser/optical mouse stopped working I plugged in the track ball mouse I usually use with this laptop it was not working either. It always works so it appears to be a driver issue possibly. The touch pad on the laptop still works. These both use a USB connection. Looking at the device and driver information through control panel it says everything if working. I am 95% confident that if I reboot the computer both of them will work again.

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If it worked on one computer quite happily for a time and no driver updates for that unit were applied but the same unit doesn't work on another Windows based computer I would highly suspect it's not a driver issue but an issue with the mouse itself. After all we are talking about a Microsoft mouse here. Take the thing apart, do a visual inspection. If nothing readily apparent is wrong, then it is multimeter testing time for continuity checks, voltages etc. Also make sure the USB plug isn't malfunctioning due to wear and tear damage (intermittent broken wires right before the plug's shell and also deterioration of it's terminals.


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Is it this mouse by any chance? If yes these are prone to cable failure and I personally would just replace the mice with another model.

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