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Het doel van een radarverklikker is om de gebruiker te waarschuwen dat een politieagent zijn snelheid probeert af te lezen.

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connecting to usb power source

Most detectors have a telephone style power cord connection. How can I connect to the USB power on my BMW motorcycle?

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Might want to consult your radar detector's Owner's Manual to see if they mention the connector name and then use that to google for a "usb to <insert connector type here)" phrase. You also may want to edit your query to include the manufacturer and model of your radar detector to aid participants here in answering your queries.


Haven't done this before. Amazed there are people out there actually helping out. I could have done the query better. I have an escort and a uniden radar detector with the usual telephone type plug for power in the detector. I also have a BMW r1200rt with a usb power connection, 12v, and a bike power connection like a small cigarette lighter. So, tried everything I could think of on the internet without success.


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If I correctly understood, you would like to place a USB port on you motorcycle, in that case you need to step down your battery voltage from 12V to 5V using a regulator, or you can buy a converter like this one :

Block Image

But you need to make some modifications, the best solution is to put a power bank in your pocket.

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