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The Asus K53E-BBR3 is a stylish 15.6 inch metallic notebook for everyday use that came out in 2011.

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How to replace my laptop touchpad on ASUS K53e

So, My brother ust gave me his laptop it is ASUS K53e. at first i thought nothing broken but then when i try move my cursor wiht trackpad , it can’t move i already tried “fn + F9”

it still didn’t work so for now i only use my mouse. but i can’t find any guide on how to replace the trackpad

note : sorry for my bad grammar

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Have you checked Youtube for tutorials on how to check if you have the correct drivers install, whether or not the device is recognized by the operating system etc. Have you checked the Owner's Manual to see if there is a hardware switch to turn the touchpad on/off? Another way to double check whether the unit needs repairing is to try booting a Linux version like Ubuntu on the computer. There is no need to actually install Ubuntu as it can be booted and used from a bootable USB stick. See and for more details. It could also be a case that a connector has come loose inside the computer so that the touchpad doesn't actually need replacing. Better to check out all possible solutions as much as you can before starting to take your computer apart.

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Thanks i might check it out later


so i just check it. right now i'm writing this on try ubuntu and still my touchpad did not work. already update the driver tho. but i remember this, my brother said "the ribbon cable on the touchpad was damaged". so yeah anyway do you have any online tutorial on how to replace it tho?. btw Thank you for atleast trying.


@Bodybody Great to hear that! Suggest you go to Youtube and search with "asus k53e-bbr3 teardown" (or similar). I watched a teardown video from there (though I have no idea exactly which one it was now) to see how complicated it was to replace the touchpad on your computer. My suggestion of using Ubuntu to confirm that the touchpad was actually needing replacing was because of the complexity of performing that action,iirc. Anyways, you are welcome and good luck with your endeavours. :-)


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