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The Series II Discovery debuted in autumn 1998 and in the US in 1999.

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Not getting Spark help

Why would I not be getting spark

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First, is your battery in good health and the positive and ground terminals clean and making good contact with the battery? Does it try to turn over, it just doesn’t fire?

If it is just one cylinder with no spark, then I would guess a spark plug or spark plug wire at fault with a small possibility of a failed ignition coil pack.

If it is more than one cylinder, then it would more likely be an ignition coil pack at fault. You should have two ignition coil packs that provide spark to four cylinders each. One coil pack serves cylinders 1, 4, 6, 7 and the other serves cylinders 2, 3, 5, 8. This could help determine which is at fault. Make sure the wire connectors from the computer to the ignition coil packs are solid by carefully disconnecting and reconnect.

If you are not getting spark on any of the 8 cylinders, my guess would be an ignition relay as this must work in order for the ignition coils to transmit power to the spark plugs.

I hope this helps. I’ll stand by if you have any questions.

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Can the wires get stretched ,from computer to coil packs


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