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Released September 22, 2017. Model A1863, A1905. Available as GSM or CDMA / 64, 128, or 256 GB / gold, silver, and space gray.

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Name these replacement parts

Hey Guys,

Trying to source these replacement parts but unsure as to what to search anyone found these parts and their correct naming?

Block Image

Block Image

Thanks in advanced

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The first one is a sim eject pin but used to be called the sim eject lever on older models. I have only seen this part included in small parts kits sold on eBay for $7 or so. The second pic is called the wifi flex to charging port transition flex and is available from most parts suppliers.

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I tried ‘sim eject pin’ but just comes up with the tool that ejects the sim tray.

Saw them in the small parts but most look like they don’t include the waterproof o’ring

I’ll have a look to see if I can find the ‘wifi flex to charging port transition flex’ thanks for that!


On aliexpress, they call them card springs but none of them have the rubber o-ring on them that I found.


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